The Universe is Nothing

The universe is divided into matter and space. We know matter is made of atoms and smaller particles. Matter is something and empty space is seen as nothing. But there is a problem, because we simply decided to call matter something, as a distiction from nothing, yet we don’t actually know what ”nothing” is. It’s not the empty space, because it’s also something and an important part of the universe.

Stars, planets, galaxies and other objects have been formed by the rules of the universe and they seem to be something, but if we look closer they are just particles. When divided into smaller parts they disappear into nothingness. Our planet is diverse, but all these structures are just a variation of some shape which we give names and meaning. Life is probably nothing special and for that reason it is impossible to figure out what life actually is. It just seems to exist like everything else.

It’s no wonder our ancestors simply gave up trying to figure it out and created gods and later one god or even just a concept of it after they lost the godness of the world. That way it was possible to stop thinking at some point. Thoughts, feelings, love and hate. Movement of particles in the space we believe to be something. All the stories of mankind, wars and struggle to survive as species. We fight to see another day, to ask what is the meaning of life.

Philosophy is a romantic notion in this world of chaos. It’s like a movie where perfect strangers fall in love for no reason. We like to imagine it happen to us and maybe sometimes the distortion of quantum field is randomly at the right place for that, although we might be too stupid to understand it at the moment. Enlightened ones teach us to find the spiritual path, giving wise anecdotes for the followers. Empty mind is their ultimate award they put on the shelf of the ego.

We escape the nothing that is lurking far on the horizon, a dark cloud. We have ideas, plans and routines, all magic. The most common element of our escape is stupidity. It’s everywhere, in every life. We have a free will to choose order and logic, but we don’t care about it. Stupidity is better, it’s the right kind of drug to push back the nothingness.