Why there is no freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is implemented and controlled in various ways depending on the country. The way we restrict it reflects the current mood of the political scene. For example there are couple of subjects which I can’t write about even here in my own homepage without breaking either terms of service or the law. Even though there is nothing criminal about those forbidden subjects.

We as species are hardwired to lie when it is beneficial. This happens both in state and individual level if there is enough pressure to protect something from open discussion. Usually the bigger and more profound the problem is the more we want to wipe it under the rug, as if nothing has happened. It is much easier to handle small problems and try to look like as if you were doing something important. This is how we are and it’s difficult to change it until we proceed to the next level of consciousness as a whole.

It’s almost funny, yet sad, to see how freedom of speech is restricted when we are in the middle of much bigger problems like the destruction of western world and culture. Every kinds of minority groups get triggered about something someone wrote on social media. People are outraged when someone wears a forbidden piece of clothing that clearly “belongs” to some culture. The mainstream narrative is changing so fast even professional media is struggling to keep in touch of the latest forbidden words and trends.

Almost everyone knows this is ridiculous, but we can’t seem to stop it. Sometimes, it seems, we need to reach the bottom of the wave of idiocracy to maybe wake up some day and wonder why it was so difficult to understand what is going on. Words can’t hurt you and if they do it’s easy to stop reading them.